Bullshitting tongkat ali buyers

By Serge Kreutz

The online trade of tongkat ali is heavily infested by crooks, whose expertise is not tongkat ali but deceiving people. They know how to massage Google with SEO trickery, and they sure know that some scientific-sounding lingo, especially when abbreviated so that nobody understands it, can build trust. And trust can be converted into dollars.

So, the latest invention is HPLC standardization.

HPLC stands for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.

This is not a standardization technology. It isn’t even an extraction technology. HPLC is a laboratory technology in analytical chemistry where solutions (called liquid phase) are pumped into columns of about 3 or 4 millimeters diameter which contain an absorbent material (called the solid phase). Different organic compounds are absorbed differently, and from the absorption characteristics, it is possible to determine what kind of chemical compound a solution contains.

The machinery has a price tag between 200,000 and 1,000,000 US dollars. It is operated by lab technicians with a lot of experience with such chromatographs, and operate them full-time. The labs are never idle, and commercial ones have long queues. Results can often be obtained only after a month or two.

HPLC could only be used to check whether various batches of a product have the same quantity of marker chemicals.

But before you believe that a trader applies such technologies, let them first provide photographic proof that thet are a manufacturer.

They aren't.

These are guys who peddle an alleged tongkat ali extract from home, and print HPLC standardization on their labels. The product they resell almost always is from China. And not from proper companies there.

Anybody who can afford to waste time to investigate their trickery, may consider writing to them, and ask what they mean by HPLC standardization. They’ll come up with all kinds of speak but not with robust proof.

And if they lie on this issue, why would they bother with tongkat ali in the first place? Tongkat ali is expensive, and selling a genuine product eats ito profits. They may as well sell cheap tribulus powder and just put a tongkat ali label on it.

Fact is, pill bootleggers who have no scruples making up bogus scientific labeling don’t deserve customers, and those who bought deceptive products better flush the remaining bottle contents down the toilet. It’s just not worthwhile to add injury (or harming one’s health) to the insult (of having become a fraud victim).


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