Variety in the modes of sexual conduct

By Serge Kreutz

What do women want? What do men want? What are the best sexual strategies? How should a person present himself or herself, what can a person do to have optimal sexual opportunities.

There is so much variety among different social environments, that whatever the rules for success might be in one environment, chances are they won’t apply to another one.

Among Asian societies, the differences are much more pronounced than in between European societies. This is not just the case for such macro-cultural aspects such as language, script, religion, and form of governments.

The modes of sexual conduct also vary greatly, and with it, the settings in which Western men will best have sexual success..

In every Southeast Asian country, one meets Western men who have chosen that particular country because they are convinced that for sexual relationships, the country they have chosen is best.

But they are just optimally adapted to one country. And the modes that work best in Thailand are completely wrong for Indonesia, and if you want to find in China what you have in Cambodia, you will be very disappointed.

The differences among the countries in Southeast Asia are fundamental. But a Western man can have satisfying sexual relationships in each of them. Provided they know what to look for, and provided they don’t look for the wrong thing in the wrong country.

Adapting to a specific country can take many months. When those who have previously adapted to one Asian country move to another one, they will invariably try the same patterns that worked so well in the previous country…and fail miserably.

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Variety in the modes of sexual conduct


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